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You already know, don’t you know the dispute? Many ordinary people think that disputes are only handled through courts and bring in the best lawyers in Surabaya.

You have to know that so far disputes have not only been resolved through court channels and brought in the best lawyers in Surabaya, but currently disputes can also be resolved through non-court channels.


Do you already know the various types of non-court dispute resolution? These are the types of non-court dispute resolution, including the following:

1. Consultation
If you have a dispute problem, you can consult with parties who understand the problem of the dispute. That is, here are the parties who really understand the rules of the law of disputes. You can currently consult through Ansugi Law, the best Surabaya lawyer at this time. Not only being a lawyer, Ansugi Law provides legal consulting services.

2. Negotiation
The way to resolve non-court route dispute problems is to negotiate. Negotiation, you must have heard of it, right? Negotiation is a social interaction that occurs with bound parties. So, the solution is only done by parties who understand the problems that occur in it. You could say this negotiation is like deliberation. But, mostly when negotiating many parties think “I want … I want.” Even though there are many considerations that must be considered.

3. Mediation
This mediation is the settlement of non-court dispute problems using a 3rd party which is a neutral party. You can point out the mediator as the mediator who is really someone who understands the law. You can get non-judge mediator through the best Surabaya lawyers.

4. Arbitration
This arbitration is almost similar to mediation, but the arbitration steps are more detailed and complicated. Usually, to conduct this arbitration, it selects the judges who are in accordance with the issues in the dispute. In addition, with arbitration you can choose the right schedule to solve the problem. It could be said that this arbitration was carried out more quickly. However, conducting an arbitration requires an agreement clause in advance.

5. Consolidation
Consolidation is an effort used to strengthen two groups or related parties. You could say this is used to reunite relationships and avoid the problem of disputes.


When you already know several ways to resolve disputes that occur between bound parties through non-court proceedings. Do you want to try the implementation of non-court problem solving?

Take it easy, you can easily solve non-court problems when you really understand the law. A person who understands the law will be a neutral party in resolving dispute problems.

If, you don’t understand the law, you can invite the best lawyers in Surabaya. Ansugi Law can help you because all of the work partners here understand and are experienced in solving legal problems. You will get full service here.



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