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In a company, there is such a thing as a contract, right? Every time you run a contract there must be a problem either at the beginning, middle, or at the end! This time Lawyer Surabaya Website discusses contract validation.

Previously, there was a brief description of the issue regarding contract validation from the website of Surabaya lawyers, Ansugi Law.

If, you are in a marriage legalization where the related parties have no objections, then this is also the same as a contract where all parties should not have any objections.

When the contract is suddenly declared invalid, there is a reason. This is the information that can be provided on Lawyer Surabaya Website, including the following:


  1. Contains clauses that are incorrect

When a clause in the contract does not contain a lawful clause and there is an element of lawlessness in it, it can make the contract invalid. What is an example of this clause? So, an example of this clause is to carry out export and import activities without any customs payments imposed under applicable law. Clauses like this can also harm other parties, so don’t let you do things like this.

The party that can be disadvantaged is the government, because the payment of customs duties itself is one of the revenues of the State.

If, there is a haram clause like this it can make the contract invalid. You need to underline this small thing.


2. There is no agreement on the related parties

When one of the parties gives an opinion that the contract contains elements of coercion, fraud, the bound party is incapable (or not old enough or mentally disabled) then the contract is invalid. Cases like this that have been mentioned can submit cancellation to the District Court. You must pay attention to this carefully, remember that when the contract is invalid it can harm some parties.

You must remember carefully that this contract is carried out for the benefit of each party, if there is an element of coercion or a haram clause it can cause losses for some parties. If, you want to learn about the various laws that apply to company activities, you can directly visit Ansugi Law.

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