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Not a few people wonder about stocks and dividends. Ansugi Law as a Surabaya attorney service will provide a little information about matters relating to current shareholders.

“Is a shareholder who is still unable to fully deposit the capital still entitled to the distribution of company dividends?”

This is often heard about and this time the Surabaya lawyer will discuss a little about shareholders, capital, and dividend distribution. Why is this still being asked by most of the people? Because, there are still a lot of ordinary people and they are still minimal with the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia, which are also applied in all activities. So, this becomes easier when the legal position of these shareholders does not provide a full payment for their capital placed in a company. This can be said to be legally flawed.

Why can it be said to be a legal flaw? The legal flaw here means that this shareholder cannot receive the rights he should have, one of which is the distribution of company dividends. You should know this, instead of getting the dividend payout! The current condition of shareholders does not fulfill or carry out their obligations as shareholders of the company. What do you mean? So, when these shareholders carry out the obligation to deposit capital funds in full, then something like this can be said to be a default on the agreement from the establishment of the company.

Do you already know about default? Default is a condition in which this debtor is unable to carry out the obligations for his performance previously determined in the agreement. Not only that, there is actually another impact when these shareholders do not fulfill their full paid in capital, apart from the delay in dividend distribution.

The things that will be borne by the shareholders themselves, namely the postponement of the shareholder’s voting rights and the distribution of the liquidation proceeds will also be delayed. The legal basis governing the distribution of dividends, voting rights, and the distribution of liquidation proceeds which are delayed because shareholders do not deposit full funds is regulated in the Law and Government Regulation. You can check the legal basis of Law no. 40 of 2007 and PP. 29 of 2016.

You need to understand the laws that are currently in force and established in Indonesia so that everything that runs can run smoothly. In addition, when you understand the law and apply it to your life, it will encourage the government to make new breakthroughs.

Previously, if you had a problem with the law you were obliged to go to a legal consultant. You can get a legal consultant through the services of a Surabaya lawyer. Ansugi Law, Surabaya lawyer services, has a lot of experience in handling legal problems in Indonesia. Many clients have proven it.



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