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Establishing a professional business agreement cannot be done carelessly, Ansugi Law is here to provide the best solution, making you avoid clauses that cause problems later on.

A professional agreement is a prerequisite for every person’s success in running a business. Unfortunately this is often underestimated because of the high level of trust in clients or business partners.

Quoted from KOINWORK, business ideas require careful thought and carefulness. One of them is related to loan capital and so on. Because it doesn’t start out very promising, there are loopholes that then make you regret making the agreement.

From this, some people experience problems and even lead to losses because of several clauses that have been missed to be implemented, or are deliberately hidden by irresponsible individuals.

Ansugi Law is here to help you understand every clause that will be built in the business agreement. As well as helping you avoid unwanted clauses or cause problems in the future.

To avoid unwanted things, here are some points that you need to check and pay attention to in making a letter of agreement.

Start with a Contract
Too much self-confidence sometimes makes people forget the importance of a business contract. We recommend that you do nothing, before the contract is agreed.

This includes studying and understanding all the steps in making a cooperation contract. In general, the contents of the contract consist of:

Cooperation Title: This section usually outlines what kind of business cooperation we will do. Whether it is appropriate or there is something wrong, the accuracy in examining this can usually be done in a simple manner. Do not let you accept a contract entitled buying and selling, but it turns out that it is a rental purchase or just an MoU. A title that is confusing like this will become a snare for those who are less careful in reading the contents of the contract.
Contents of Cooperation: This basic section contains a more detailed explanation of the rights and obligations of each party that will cooperate. Careful attention to written clauses is needed. Is this in accordance with what was expected or not. If not, then instead of helping, this contract becomes a trap for you in the future.
Closing: Conclusion and usually contains the steps taken when the business letter is co-signed. This section also contains a signature column to be filled in by the collaborating parties, as a sign of agreement. More importantly than that, the closing section is also filled with provisions that can make or break the contract. It takes a high level of carefulness and a holistic understanding for your company’s assessment of misleading closing clauses.

Pay close attention to the language of contracts
Not only reading, we also recommend that you review the contract on the proposed clauses before signing it. Some tricks are sometimes slipped into languages ​​that are not easy to implement by reading them only once. Before finally regretting it, you should first be an expert.

Ansugi Law will provide the clearest understanding and help you to look at each language in the specific business cooperation clause. So that it won’t be a boomerang that will give you problems later on.

Recognizing Prospective Business Partners
In Javanese culture, the term “Bebet, Seed and Weight” is known in terms of finding a mate. The process of finding the right business partner is not much different, we also have to know who we are going to work with. Choosing the right co-workers and understanding the form of cooperation to be built will make everything easy, according to expectations and minimal risk of problems.

Doing research and simple shopping online and so on can help us examine what kind of colleagues or business we are going to establish. If needed, there is nothing wrong with looking for references to colleagues and everything related.

Looking for References
Several clauses are often written in general terms, without including detailed points in the cooperation contract. To find out more, you should learn every form of cooperation from those who have or understand this related matter. After understanding and seeing everything clearly, then you can start the first steps of cooperation.

Revision Guide
Clause changes can usually be monitored through a detailed revision guide. This is usually done before the signing process or agreement is made in the cooperation contract. Or it could happen after the agreement, for one or more reasons caused by unforeseen events. So that the contents of the clause adjust to the needs of both parties. This section should be written in a clear, detailed and accompanied by a change date.

The Importance of Witnesses
It is not sufficient for a professional business agreement to be entered into by both parties or more. It takes another party who knows the process of establishing a business collaboration, or in this case we are usually familiar with the term witness.

The witness will legally strengthen the form of business cooperation, where he will confirm that there has been an agreement in accordance with the existing form of cooperation. It is very important when this has an impact on the emergence of legal problems in the future.

Or if there are parties who do not comply with the clauses in business cooperation. In professional business decisions, the presence of witnesses is also corroborated by the signature column at the end of the business agreement letter.

Do not continue cooperation if there are parties who disagree (Did not sign)
As explained above, the purpose of entering into a cooperation contract is an agreement between several parties. This means that the agreement made is understood and is expected to benefit both parties.

Then what happens if one of the parties does not sign? If this happens, the cooperation contract should not be continued, or do not carry out activities first. Because besides being less effective and efficient, it risks making you break the cooperation contract.

There are several reasons why one party may not sign a contract. One of them is because he is not satisfied with the contract agreement. This makes the content of the collaboration must be changed or adapted to the needs.

Doing everything right, thorough and making sure it is in line with expectations is the right step in building business cooperation. Because after all the success or failure of a collaboration often starts from building the right, effective and efficient cooperation.

Choosing the right legal consultant is important because it can give you ease of understanding and avoid unwanted things in your business in the future. Ansugi Law is the right solution to build business partnerships that match expectations.

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