KnowledgeAnsugi Law Tips: The Importance of Understanding Business Cooperation

Ansugi Law is a service company that gives you a sense of comfort, especially in terms of establishing contractual business relationships. This is the most that cannot be underestimated, and an important point in building a bigger business in the future.

In terms of doing business, of course all entrepreneurs need goods and / or services from other people. Therefore, cooperation with other parties is commonplace and often happens, especially for those of you who are just starting to build a business with limited capital. Understanding every form of cooperation well in this case is needed to increase turnover and be free from problems in the future. To regulate the procedures and procedures for this cooperation, there is no other way for business actors other than to put it into a contract.

Rubber clauses, convoluted contract language, legal issues are some of the things that often make the contents of business cooperation difficult to understand. Because it was not easy to understand, many people started leaving contracts from the second they signed them. Contracts that should be the reference tool in the joint procedure now only collect dust in the drawers of entrepreneurs. Coupled with too much enthusiasm in starting a business and an excessive level of self-confidence, young entrepreneurs tend to easily agree to all forms of cooperation without thinking about the implementation and risk mitigation.

Without examining it further, business cooperation was carried out with the agreement of both parties. Even though in the end we, who have put all our efforts, funds and sweat, have to bite our fingers because the points of agreement that we do not want will happen in the future.

The good news is, you don’t have to be professional when it comes to contracting. Because this will take time and energy. You just need a professional companion who can help you succeed in making a contractual business collaboration.

Why Ansugi Law?
We make it easy for you to understand and start a business with the right and efficient contractual cooperation. Some of the points offered include:

Declaration of Authority
It is not uncommon for people to have contractual cooperation, but they often forget where they should be. We will provide a solution that will put you in charge of determining the clauses and rules in the contract.

Identification Check
Will provide you with the necessary references between the parties or companies that will enter into a contract. Is it in accordance with expectations, and has a good background. So that later the contract clause can be carried out with full responsibility.

Protection of Interests
Protection is an important thing in establishing a business contract, so that in the future there will be no problems related to the law. To ensure that your interests are well protected through the contract to be signed.

The Devil is in the Details
We will provide you with all the details regarding the understanding of the “Contract Language” used. This method is important to ensure that you understand and are able to overcome legal traps and legal loopholes that exist in the contract.

Clear & Reasonable Penalty System
To ensure that the sanctions imposed against the possibility of default are clear and reasonable. So that every party that will carry out the contract is obedient and obedient in accordance with their respective obligations.

The Importance of Understanding Contractual Cooperation
Ansugi Law is a One-Stop-Solution for every business decision related to contractual relationships. We help you ensure that each point by point is in line with the expectations and business goals as it should be.

The importance of entering into a business contract really needs to be considered, is your business agreement / engagement contract correct? And the most important thing is that your decision does not become a blunder in the future.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult with the right parties to ensure that every decision is well covered. Bad decisions will make business less successful. Never mind profit, these mistakes have the potential to put your business out of business.

Accurate calculations, thoroughness and understanding in examining each contractual cooperation clause are needed. We always suggest some points that need to be studied and understood in carrying out business steps, for example, franchise cooperation?

Failure of Contracts with Partners

Several franchise business actors often do not understand various clauses related to the business that is being carried out. This failure often causes your business to go bankrupt related to funds, and has an impact on the takeover of assets.

Mutual Lawsuit Failure

The initial step will increase the risk of settling the affairs at the court table. Instead of being successful with your business, it will take up a lot of time, thought and additional costs that you incur in the future. Even if found guilty you will be in trouble with the law.

Relations with Employees

Failure to carry out the first steps of your business has an impact on the departure of employees. Even though in a franchise business, employees often know the company’s kitchen. This results in the leakage of your trading business prescription. And they will most likely become our competitors next time.

Ansugi Law works with the priority of quality and principles in every service product offered. The tiered process includes systematic planning according to your initial expectations of doing business.

We also open the widest possible consulting service, so that it makes you understand what you are doing in business. By giving a complete and practical understanding, so that it is easy to understand.

The procedures offered are always updated, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia. So that it prevents you from the risk of running a business outside the existing legal corridors.

Ansugi Law Products
We offer precise and accurate solutions in carrying out contract cooperation. Therefore, Ansugi Law offers several products that you can choose according to your business needs.


Sometimes people often ignore company structure updates in business contract clauses. Even though if it is ignored, this can make you lose money for years until costs are greater than expected.

For that, avoiding this is a good idea for you to always make a written report or video recording. The right adjustment process will prevent you from problems that arise in the future.


Well-structured cooperation sometimes doesn’t go as expected. Among them are related to accounts payable due to obligations that are not carried out properly. For your company, this often leads to disaster and bankruptcy at a later date.

We offer the right handling of your litigation and non-litigation matters. By prioritizing the principles of good relations and cost transparency in every case handling.


The need to negotiate and establish cooperation usually starts with a good meeting strategy. With a strong foundation, you will get the right deal and with colleagues that match the company’s expectations.

Ansugi Law has experience in carrying out its duties. And as a professional lawyer as well as an entrepreneur will really help formulate your investment strategy to advance into the international arena.

Not only choosing the right business partner, establishing a good and healthy company requires the right thoughts and steps. For that, Ansugi Law is here to provide you with One-Stop-Solution in targeted business contractual cooperation.


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