KnowledgeFranchise or Partnership Agreement

“My coffee shop business is booming and I want to franchise it, but the requirements are very long and complicated. If I have to follow suit, I’m afraid the momentum will be lost. How to handle it?”

To open a franchise or franchise business, a Franchise Registration Certificate (STPW) is required which requires a long and long process.

To overcome this, the entrepreneur can change the term “franchise agreement” to “partnership agreement” and then sell the agreement and the rights and responsibilities that follow to the bidders.

However, you should not forget to keep registering your trademark, creating a clear SOP and support system as well as a binding agreement. Because in an agreement, what is seen is not the title, but the content. If your partnership agreement contains overly obvious franchise elements, the judge will terminate your agreement as an illegal franchise agreement and this jurisprudence could undermine the business you have built in seconds.

Every business will need different needs and solutions based on business conditions and applicable laws. To find out more clearly the right solution for your legal needs, immediately consult an experienced expert.

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