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You are a business owner, so there will be activities of cash flow. One company will become a creditor while another company will become a debtor. Of course, that will happen in business activities. Do you have problems about debts? You can consult with a trustworthy company lawyers in Surabaya only at Ansugi.com.


Debtors Become Permanent Residents and Disrupt All Auction Activities

Many debtors are in arrears on repaying their debts with collateral. In fact, this can affect auction activities. There are cases where the debtor does not feel that he is selling land auctions or his house. Even here, these debtors are criminalizing buyers who control collateral without the execution of emptying in court, on the grounds of loss of property.

Seeing this case, there are several differences between the policies and regulations that apply in the case of auction and non-auction sale. Which, this case, is a buyer who loses their rights. This gap is used as an opportunity for debtors to control credit and collateral funds. You could say this robbery case.

For those of you who are confused covering this gap. Then you can reformat the standard form of the auction minutes. Which, the seller is listed as a debtor while the KPJK only has the position as the applicant for this auction. After that this debtor will take cover behind the exoneration clause “Selling as it is.”

This context has entered explicitly to declare the debtor’s position as a seller. You want further understanding, you can consult with Ansugi Law, a trustworthy company lawyers in Surabaya. Don’t miss out on getting new info regarding current business law.


Using Trusted Lawyers in Surabaya to Solve Auctions

At this time, do you have the same case regarding a permanent debtor and disrupting the auction path? If, yes, then hurry to solve this one problem. You can finish it easily by learning about the law and accompanied by a legal consultant. You can consult at Ansugi for now in the Surabaya area, East Java.

You can directly visit Ansugi.com and this place is very suitable for consultation. Considering the Ansugi team is already very reliable in matters of handling business law. So, this can make you a trusted company lawyer in Surabaya right now. Not only practice business law, but there are many more choices.

A trusted company lawyer in Surabaya, this one is really reliable. All problems including debtors who are in arrears and complicate the auction road can be handled easily only at Ansugi.



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