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In business activities, of course there are several offers offered by your company to other companies. In making your own offer, you must think carefully so that you can avoid miscommunication with other parties. Do you want to get further explanation? You can consult with the best business law attorneys in Surabaya.

What Must Be in a Bid Letter

At this time, you might be confused about what to do to make a letter of offer. You should really know that there are things that must be contained in the offer letter itself at this time. It turns out there are 10 important points that must be listed in the offer letter and want to not be left behind so that the contents of the letter are clearly read by the company that submitted the offer.

For those of you who are confused where to start offering other companies? You can contact further directly to Ansugi, the best business law attorney in Surabaya. All existing problems in your company at this time can be resolved properly through legal or non-legal channels. Take it easy, everything will run easily and quickly.

10 important points, what are they? Starting from the first is the identity of the intended party. With the identity of the intended party this will make it easier to find out the location of the company which will be invited to cooperate through bidding. Write the company’s identity clearly and completely.

Second, the offer object. The object of this offer is very important to mention so that other companies understand what the object will be offered. Third, price. This price is an important point that should not be forgotten though. Furthermore, special promos and discounts on certain purchases. After that, don’t forget to include the terms of acceptance and payment for the offer.

Not only that, don’t forget to include the handover procedure, the current offer period, and the last point is the identity of the sender of the complete offer letter. Are you still confused too? You can consult with Ansugi Law, the best business law attorney in Surabaya right now through

Submitted Bid Submissions Must Be Included with the Contract

You need to know, that the offer letter is a one-sided letter. Meanwhile, the contract itself is a letter containing the agreement of the two companies. So, at this time to send a letter of offer must be done by including a contract. This contract includes to bind the two parties that have entered into a previous agreement.

Even so, the offer letter offered was not perfect when the two parties did not meet. It is possible, at this time there is still a miscommunication in the offer letter because there is no procedure in it at all. You can further pay attention to this and consult directly with the best business law attorney in Surabaya, Ansugi Law.



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