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The company that you are running has a debt agreement with another company? As a creditor, you have not received a penny from the debtor to pay off their debts. You can now consult directly at a trusted lawyer’s office in Surabaya, only at Ansugi. All problems can be solved easily and precisely.


Know Debt Receivables with Special Collateral

Well, when you do debt and your position as a creditor. So, you have to understand the debt with special collateral. This is the basic knowledge that must be owned by the creditor and the debtor. Here, accounts receivable with special collateral. That is, special collateral means that there are objects that guarantee in the accounts receivable debt.

There are several types of special collateral including mortgage, fiduciary, mortgage, mortgage rights. So far, what is often used by special collateral receivables is fiduciary. When the debtor is unable to pay his debts, then the guarantee of the promised object can be taken to pay off their debt costs.

You are still confused at this time? With special guarantees in accounts receivable? You can solve this problem by consulting with Ansugi Law, a trustworthy lawyer office in Surabaya. All problems and solutions can be solved easily which can be discussed here. Don’t miss it to consult here.


Fiduciary Special Collateral that Can Be Used for Debt Receivables

For those of you who are not very familiar with fiduciary. Fiduciary is the transfer of ownership rights of objects on the basis of trust and there is a provision that the rights of an object to be transferred still have control of the owner of the object. This fiduciary guarantee can be divided into two namely collateral for movable objects and collateral for immovable objects.

Well, the nature of this fiduciary guarantee is a follow-up agreement that originates from the principal agreement activity being an obligation of a party to be able to fulfill its achievements. Do you know what debt service payments can use for fiduciary collateral? There are several types of debt repayment that can use fiduciary collateral. Further consultation at a trusted lawyer office in Surabaya.

Some debt repayments that use fiduciary guarantees include debts that already exist, debts incurred at a later date and a number of promised amounts, and debts which have been determined based on the principal agreement and incur an obligation to fulfill an achievement.

This needs to be considered more deeply, so you understand about the way the debt and receivables. You can consult at Ansugi Law, a trustworthy lawyer office in Surabaya. You can solve everything easily just here. All the laws in the business world can get easy solutions.



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