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“I have a business that has been running for a long time, but this company doesn’t have a license yet, so what to do?” This question is frequently asked by employers to the Surabaya law office.

You must know this, licensing is something that cannot be separated from the company. When you run a company with the word legal license, your company will be safe under control.

Indeed, if it is discussed about practice, of course a company can carry out its business activities when the company is not caught by the authorities. However, when the company does not have a license, it will be difficult for the company to develop. How come? Because the company does not have a permit and without a permit, the company will operate in secret.

When this company movement is carried out secretly, its reach cannot be broad and there might be various legal problems. However, according to Law Firm Surabaya it seems very strange if this company was established without a business license, at least there should be 1 company letter.

Why is it that strange? Because, when establishing a company, each notary will take care of the establishment of the company where each notary will offer SIUP arrangements as one of the requirements for company establishment.

You have to know that making licensing is relatively cheap and easy, there will be little to no obstacles. Therefore, the Surabaya law office reminds you to have a permit, even though the company operates in a way that is inversely proportional to a permit, such as SIUP. With licensing, the foundation of your company will be strong. Given that currently it is very easy to arrange permits through online single submission (OSS).

Take advantage of what the current government has given to Indonesian business actors. By utilizing the breakthroughs that have been made by your government, you will encourage the government to make the latest innovations for business actors, both small and large scale in Indonesia. Not to forget, to increase the activity of your company, you need a legal consultant in it to help consider the company’s legal avenues.

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