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In business activities there are contracting activities in it, of course in your company there is a legal consultant from the nearest law firm in Surabaya.

This self-contracting activity cannot be carried out carelessly, because there are binding laws in Indonesia.

But unfortunately, most of these companies today forget about some legal aspects when carrying out contract activities. Do you already know where it went wrong in contracting for the company? From several things that Ansugi Law can capture, the closest law office in Surabaya is the aspect of freedom. “Is there an aspect of freedom that makes it a problem for contractual involvement?” Perhaps there are still glimpses of images and thoughts about the involvement of the contract with the aspect of freedom. This time, you will find out more details about contract involvement and aspects of freedom.

Before getting into the gist of discussion, you need a little information about “What is a contract?” Contract according to “Black’s Law Dictionary” explains that a contract is an agreement between 2 or more people which is able to create an obligation to do an act and not to do the act. According to the KUHP (Civil Code), the book will give birth to a bond between the parties who want to be bound.

After knowing the description of the contract, this time we will discuss “Freedom.” Unconsciously, many companies are lulled into freedom when entering into contracts so that this is against the law. Ansugi Law, the nearest Surabaya law office, reminds you a little that this legal contract must contain a clause that does not violate the applicable law. Talking about laws, you should be able to understand which laws govern your current contractual relationship.

The problem is, you are not a law graduate or are you new to the world of Indonesian law? Take it easy, to solve this problem you need a legal consultant or legal services. With a corporate legal consultant, it will assist your company in resolving contract problems. You don’t need to hesitate or hesitate to use the services of a company legal consultant. Given that at this time, you are still unfamiliar with the current contractual laws that apply. You can find the right consultant through the nearest Surabaya law office, Ansugi Law.

If, you feel you want to learn many things about law, basically this principle of freedom of contract is not completely absolute, but the Criminal Code provides a limitation or provision. You can check Article 1320, verses 1, 2, and 4!

How about after this? You must be passionate about studying the laws that apply in Indonesia, especially for companies! If you need expert’s help, you can call a nearest law firm in Surabaya.



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