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Ansugi Law is a company engaged in the service sector, especially in handling civil law, contract law, business law, debt & insolvency, property law, legal compliance, mediation, negotiation, dispute relations, and litigation issues.

Ansugi Law provides legal services for the best results, adjusting the mandate of the Act in force. Each Ansugi Law team has a linear background with the vision and mission of Ansugi Law and is also experienced.

MICHAEL SUGIJANTO, B.A., S.H., M.H. - Ansugi Lawyer

Michael Sugijanto, B.A., S.H., M.H. as a managing partner will help solve the problems faced by clients. Managing partner Ansugi Law was graduated from the United States and returned to Indonesia to continue the property acquisition business and pursue higher levels of business law education.

Michael Sugijanto, B.A., S.H., M.H.’s background includes the following:

  1. Head of legal at OAKLAND GROUP
  2. Director of SCG CONSULTING
  3. Client Relation Officer of TEDDY & PARTNERS

The expertise that can be handled by Michael Sugijanto, B.A., S.H., M.H., includes:

  1. Contract drafting / Navigating / Negotiation

Contract law is a private law. Contract drafting is a requirement or obligation that must be fulfilled by the collaborating parties. All problems can be resolved responsively and decisively at Ansugi Law.

Negotiation itself will focus on assisting clients to achieve negotiations with other parties from the client and the initial goal of carrying out negotiation activities.


  1. Non-Litigation Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution will help clients of Ansugi Law solve problems with non-litigation channels to get the best results.


  1. Family Business Strategy & Management

Experts in developing business strategies that are run by the family as well as in good management of the family business.


  1. Corporate Restructurization

When you want to make improvements to the company and want to maximize the work in the company, then you can rely on Ansugi Law. Ansugi Law serves corporate restructuring.


  1. Real Estate / Corporate Acquisition

Expertise in real estate / corporate acquisition, Ansugi Law will make clients safe when they have problems with real estate related to property or projects owned on land or development.


There are many backgrounds that are suitable for addressing legal problems, especially in the business sector with expertise covering the jurisdiction of the law. So client problems can be resolved more easily with partners and teams from Ansugi Law.

Ansugi Law is based at Jalan Tegalsari No. 33, Surabaya, East Java. Don’t hesitate to consult your legal problem, because it will be solved safely with Ansugi Law.



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