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You own a small business and want to contract with a business that is owned by a friend. However, when working with a friend’s business, is there any need for detail? You can do a consultation at a legal consulting firm in Surabaya.

“Is it ethical when the business I have with a friend’s business provides a detailed discussion of the contract being made? Can it only show a sense of trust? ”

This complaint is often heard in Ansugi Law, a Surabaya law consulting firm. In general, when you discuss contract cooperation, it is necessary to have a very detailed or detailed discussion, even if it is cooperation with relatives or friends. You must adhere to the principle, “The rules of the game are not designed to break but are applied to keep the relationship bound.”

This can be described as playing monopoly with your friends, when you don’t read and obey the rules of the monopoly game and everyone plays just like that there will be chaos and disagreement.

You must apply the principle that the existing cooperation is carried out with the aim of creating a mutually beneficial relationship. From this, there are several parties who feel benefited in a cooperative relationship, especially with good friends. Perhaps the bottom line here is that you feel bad about your friend discussing the contract in detail, for fear of offending your friend.

This is when the contract signed by your friend does not have a bad element at all, still going forward or over time there are problems that must be resolved or faced. Every human being must have the most profitable solution, especially in times of stress. When there is a slight error in the interpretation of the contract that you do together with your friends, there will definitely be parties who make the contract a medium for unilateral decision making or business takeover with a hostile takeover.

You have to look at the cooperation contract from a more objective point of view, in order to minimize the risk from third parties. Implementing a contract that is described in detail will help the interests of each party to be maintained and protected from the start. If you feel that you do not understand the applicable law, you can consult a legal consultant. You can get a quality legal consultant through Ansugi Law, a Surabaya law consulting firm.

You can get legal advice, legal advisors, and law enforcers. In fact, you can make the legal consultants available at Ansugi Law as one of the right shields when you have legal problems.

Therefore, immediately consult about the law through Ansugi Law. You can come directly to the Surabaya legal consultant office.



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