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Ansugi Law is an experienced Law firm Surabaya. There have been various kinds of corporate and business legal issues being handled. Currently, you have problems in the company and must be responsible because, currently, you have a position as a director.

This problem has to do with the legal consequences as well as the real consequences of multilingual contracts! This time, you will get a brief overview of the legal consequences as well as the real consequences of multilingual contracts from Ansugi Law, an experienced Law firm Surabaya. This explanation needs to be considered in order to avoid things that are not desirable to happen in the company.

You should know that the legal consequences of multilingual contracts will be the same as those that result from unilingual contracts. Indeed, in principle, foreign language contracts have to be translated into Indonesian first. You should know that in court the Indonesian version of the contract becomes evidence. What you need to underline is a multilingual contract. This multilingual contract is a contract that uses 2 or more languages.

Indirectly, the real consequence is that it can confuse the procedure for writing and translating because there are 2 or more languages. The existence of this confusion can provide an ambiguous interpretation for both parties. Moreover, there are parties who do not understand the law or can be said to be different from the law.

Make sure that when you become a director you have to eliminate the current misinterpretation. When you get the slightest misinterpretation, it will endanger the condition of the company and have the potential to get both small and large scale losses. You already understand the real consequences of using a multilingual contract, right?

If you want to do a multilingual contract you have to understand a few things to avoid unwanted things. You have to remember when you want to do this multilingual contract, you must pay attention to the related parties who will be bound by the multilingual contract. Make sure you choose a binding party who understands the law and understands the current flow of law. Not only that, make sure that the bound party is able to translate the contract properly and accurately.

It is imperative that this be implemented to avoid misinterpretation, confusion and ambiguity. You have to remember this well and apply it to the future. If, you feel you need a current legal expert to help consider the flow of the company. You can use a legal consultant.

You can get a legal consultant only at Ansugi Law, an experienced Law firm Surabaya.

Ansugi Law, an experienced Surabaya law office can be a shield for companies that are currently experiencing legal problems. All problems can be handled easily and reliably right now.



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