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You have already set up a franchise business at this time and need further consultation to carry out business law within the franchise. You can use the services of Surabaya’s best law firm from Ansugi Law. Legal problems that occur in the mind of a business owner, can be handled easily only here and you can get a solution to your problem.

Open a Franchise Business

You have set up a franchise business and are ready with all the consequences that will be received when running it. Currently. You are confused about where to start running a franchise business, especially regarding the law? You can consult directly the problem of running the franchise business law to Ansugi Law, Surabaya’s best law firm. You can solve problems as a business owner here.

Previously, were you in opening a franchise business already aware of franchise registration? Surely for those who have opened a franchise business and are still common to those who do not know the franchise. Well, in the establishment of a franchise business you need to know about STPW (Franchise Registration Certificate).

This STPW is used as evidence of franchise business registration given to the franchisor or the recipient. Of course, to get this STPW, it must be able to fulfill the requirements stated in the Ministerial Regulation.

Do you want to consult about current business legal issues? You can count on Ansugi Law, Surabaya’s best law firm. Ansugi Law serves business owners, in dealing with various business problems related to law. Don’t miss it to consult here, get all the solutions to current business law problems.


Ensuring Contracts That Must Be Exist in Franchise Business

Of course you want to run a well-maintained franchise business. In running a franchise business you must know what contracts must be in it. You can consult about franchise business contract issues at Ansugi Law, Surabaya’s best law firm. All business contract legal issues will be easily resolved.

The contracts that must exist in the franchise business include contracts with partners, contracts with franchisees, and contracts with employees. These three things must be considered carefully and not to be careless though. In order not to cause harm to the business itself or other parties.

Do not forget to negotiate the necessary details when making a contract. Pay close attention to the funds for the business rather than your business going bankrupt. Contract with the franchisee, you should be able to pay attention in the contract regarding restrictions and division of labor. When, you don’t pay attention to it properly it can lead to legal problems.

Contract with employees, when you can’t play with the franchise business. Then one of the end results is failure or leakage of business by employees themselves. Therefore, in running a franchise business this may be able to make some people confused. You need to be consulted in order to run a good business.



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