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Ansugi Law is a place you can rely on to solve legal problems in the business world. Ansugi Law will solve various kinds of legal problems from the business world more easily.

What you will get at Ansugi Law is a solution based on experience and the right approach, providing clients to achieve goals that focus on reality, and serving various kinds of legal issues related to business, which are friendly and caring for clients.

Accompanied by partners and a solid team, Ansugi Law can provide business legal services to date.

Anthonius Adhi Soedibyo, S.H., M.Hum. Is a partner of Ansugi Law with a very strong background. Background of Anthonius Adhi Soedibyo, S.H., M.Hum. as a senior partner at Ansugi Law, includes the following:

  2. In House Lawyer & Legal Officer of The Board of Directors of PRIMA MASTER BANK


With expertise in the legal field, such as the following:

  1. Banking & Collateral Transaction Law

You have problems with banking and collateral laws, here you will find partners who are truly experts in banking & collateral transaction law.


  1. Legal Due Diligence & Legal Opinion

The expertise needed to solve business problems is legal due diligence & legal opinion. Currently, you can perform due diligence and legality of the law, when the business you are running is experiencing serious legal problems.

You can entrust it to Ansugi Law, to thoroughly analyze the legal problems that occur.


  1. Debt Restructurization

When the client is in a condition where debt restructuring is experiencing problems, therefore the debtor must make improvements to his financial condition. Make sure to solve problems with partners at Ansugi Law.

All problems regarding business law will run smoothly and correctly, when relying on partners and team at Ansugi Law.


  1. Litigation in Civil Case

Another expertise of the partner is being able to solve problems regarding civil cases with the litigation settlement process.


  1. Public Relations & Media Handling

Having problems with public relations and media handling, as well as several laws that govern them. Ansugi Law partners have expertise in public relations & media handling.


Get services from reliable partners at Ansugi Law. Solve all problems regarding business law only at Ansugi Law, business legal services.




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