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As a business owner, of course many things must be considered so that the company can run smoothly. An owner in the company must have a plan that will be carried out as the initial purpose of the establishment of the company. When running a company, sometimes conflicts of all kinds can’t be avoided. To resolve the conflict you need Ansugi Law as your business legal partner.

Problems That Can’t Be Avoided in Companies

Business owners in the company must be able to pay attention to any conflicts that exist. Being in business, some problems are unavoidable. Therefore, there should be lawyers in the company. Lawyers who will be the place to consult for business owners in overcoming problems.

Conflicts that usually occur within a company, certainly will not be far from internal and external. Surely every day, in running a company there are small conflicts. Conflicts can be about employee teams that are performing poorly, problems between one employee and another, or even internal employee internal conflicts.

Not only that, sometimes employees have problems with external parties who could harm the company today. The number of problems in the company, as a business owner must intervene directly to be able to solve the problem completely. When it comes to legal matters, you can count on Ansugi law as your business legal partner.

Importance of Lawyers for Companies

Some companies might not have lawyers or need another lawyer to handle their companies’ legal problems. Is it needed in each company? As a business owner, you must know this first. Is it important that lawyers are in the company? This needs more attention.

Actually, in Indonesia the State does not provide any rules in a business entity having legal consulting services to protect all the interests that exist and become a party for conflict resolution. Even so, there is a universal law “presumptio iueres de iure” which means that everyone is considered to know the law, including the people in the company.

From the statements that already exist, that every person or company can not be separated from law. Likewise, when a company terminates an employee without severance pay, it is the same as breaking the law. When there is a problem, therefore, as a company owner, you have to be able to protect yourself and if needed, contact professional such as Ansugi Law.

When you want to protect a company, you can use legal consulting services at Ansugi Law. All legal issues within the company, can be resolved completely only here. You can consult with satisfaction about the company only at Ansugi Law.



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